SWISSFLEX MICROCIRCUITS AG is willing to invest in more suitable technological processes with its long experience in microelectronics manufacturing in order to ensure reliability products to its customers. By investing more in suitable technological processes will allow to us to set high taken place contribution by offering excellent products in all international market demands for a mass volume production in huge advance to other technologies and competitors.
SWISSFLEX MICROCIRCUITS AG is planning to invest more intensively in the marketing to expansion all around the globe.
Moreover, SWISSFLEX MICROCIRCUITS AG aims at offering a cost effective high technological microcircuits devices manufacturing with targets for medical market, which are more sensitive in technology and in pricing. Thus, SWISSFLEX MICROCIRCUITS AG targets offering to customers all options with cost effective sophisticated ultra-flexible microcircuits medical industry.
Impact of a new recapitalization, we are willing continuously invest to increase its founding to consolidate its exclusive position in the very promising flexible microcircuits in international market segments with a large number of established customers with long expertise in hybrid multilayer microelectronics.

Furthermore, it will allow:
■ To stay at the top of the technological innovation for worldwide product servicing company,
■ To realize a high technological value-added with cost effective customized flexible technology for international market needs.
■ To attract highly qualified international brains for job opportunities
■ To create a synergy with other actors in the above mentioned domains in our highly creative partner product
■ Strong demands in highly miniaturized thinner, lighter devices in medical application where the current PCB is struggling and limited
■ Our technological advantages in medical devices like diagnostics imaging, endoscopes and catheters with long multilayer flexible cables
■ our tiny sensoric flexible microcircuits in mass increasing special highly complex transducers
The medical device market in USA represents a huge potential to growth. SWISSFLEX MICROCIRCUITS AG could offer the possibility of being a first source to medical devices makers. SWISSFLEX MICROCIRCUITS AG is already collaborating on few medical project (development phase) with famous international companies and distributors in growth segment.
Another interesting segment is the high precision and aerospace industries. This market offers very high added-value products with low quantity which fits very well to the company capabilities and sizes. Certain qualification is required though to enter this growing market with higher chances.
Thus, the aim of the sales market of more than several millions can be achieved, it is necessary to open up new markets to grow up the potential market development, both geographically and technologically side. For this to succeed, marketing needs to be invested to increase with the aim of awareness of SWISSFLEX MICROCIRCUITS AG and its services primarily in the area.