SMART SLIM MICROFLEX is a highly flexible microcircuits manufacturing technology which has been developed with high value advanced proprietary technology demands of ultra-thin flexible hybrid multilayer flexible microcircuits to answer to our customers needs. It is characterized by a particularly ultra-thin structures, extremely small high density thin conductors, spacing and microvias, which are much more smaller than our indirect competitors.
SMART SLIM MICROFLEX offers numerous technical advances over the existing flexible printed technology. It is highly flexible with very
finely pattern-able interconnects with a pitch of 10 microns, integrated in complex products with high density structures up to 10 times more
smaller with design and dimensional aspects in comparison with current FCB technology on the market.
Our technology provides unlimited design possibilities, highly miniaturizing complex and ultra-compact highly in demand different technological
Through our semi-additive technology, we might be able to use a wide variety of metals in a wide variety of thicknesses as a current glass carrier
material. However, this is not the only advantage of our SMART SLIM MICROFLEX circuits. The circuit is assembled and tested on this carrier
glass or ceramic.
In addition to used materials, the manufacturing processes is not only limited with our special polyimide chooses whose properties are
not yet reached and are how all of these have been manufactured. Our polyimide degradation temperature is about 620°C and its chemical
resistance is much higher than the usual polyimides with Its expansion coefficient extremely low (comparable to silicon).
Actually, we are designing and manufacturing the prototype microcircuits with a wide choice of materials up to 5 layers including conductive
layers in sub-micron levels (40nm to 12μm thickness) with high densities interconnection and a total thickness less than 60μm with very
tiny and low weight. Our competitors produce 5 layers flexible circuit printing with a total thickness of 425μm.