Your medical flexible microcircuits, according to your requirements, need to be implantable, highly dense, and tighter, very long, ultra precise, and tiny in size inserted into a catheter or wrapped around any object with smallest radius less than 20μm.
We are continuously pushing the limits of manufacturing boundaries of what a typical flexible PCB microcircuit can do.
We are continuously improving our ultra-thin flexible microcircuits technology on polyimide, on glass, ceramics with high density interconnection process developer for biosensors, catheters, endoscopies and exploring the newest approaches of manufacturing.
We are the manufacturing company of these microcircuits feature sizes ranging from 5μm to 20μm which consist of 5 multilayers.
We are manufacturing customized solutions for your flexible microcircuits products by offering to our customers more engineering services with product design, development, and manufacturing.
We’re delighted to be supporting your projects, in their innovative work in product development and manufacturing by providing multilayer flexible circuits technology.

New products development for medical devices projects from concept through commercialization through our proven process roadmap.
We are always pleased to take on new challenging projects.

Whether you’re looking to private label a new and innovative device, improve your next generation catheter and delivery system, or reduce time when building new feature sets into your products, we are offering you our designs and manufacturing processes solutions can meet your needs. We offer also end to end contract medical device manufacturing services. We are leading contract development and manufacturing organization of device such as experience developing and manufacturing complex endoscopy and catheters for medical devices systems for demanding applications. We assist you through the entire processes with development and manufacturing of innovative medical device technologies. We are involved with the design and development of medical products with multi-phase design process to deliver the best products possible to our customers.