1. Hybrid microcircuits on ceramics (Al2O3, AlN) and ultra-thin flexible polyimide
  2. High precision networks resistors and capacitors on ceramics (Al2O3, AlN)
  3. Multilayer flexible microcircuits on polyimide, ceramics (Al2O3, AlN) and glass
  4. Long hardness flexible micro-cables and microwires
  5. High density long flexible microcircuits
  6. Microcircuits magnetic coils for 3D position microsensors
  7. Temperature sensitive microcircuits and sensors
  8. Super conducting flexible microcables for quantum computing applications
  9. Super conducting flexible microcables for cryogenic applications
  10. Multi arrays piezo actuator microcircuits with signal amplifier and processing microsystems.
  11. Microcircuits heaters flexible polyimide & thin aluminium
  12. Multilayer flexible microcircuits on polyimide for smart sensing solar applications
  13. Microcircuits for HF Radars & telecommunication
  14. Microcircuits for AI & virtual reality 3D matrix devices
  15. Polyimide based heater for space applications
  16. Water purificator microsystems and devices