1. Microcircuits on ultra-thin glass for medical devices
  2. Microcircuits on ultra-thin flexible polyimide for medical devices
  3. Microcircuits on ceramics (Al2O3, AlN) for medical devices
  4. Flexible microcircuits on Nitinol for medical devices
  5. Flexible microcircuits on parylene polymer for medical devices
  6. Parylene coating on flexible microcircuits for medical devices
  7. Ultra-thin flexible microcircuits for diagnostic catheters
  8. Ultra-thin flexible microcircuits for endoscopy
  9. Ultra-thin flexible microcircuits for capsule endoscopy
  10. Ultra-thin flexible microcircuits for balloon catheters
  11. Ultra-thin flexible microcircuits for lung catheters
  12. Ultra-thin flexible microcircuits diagnostic catheters for medical Imaging
  13. Ultra-thin flexible microcircuits for ICE catheters
  14. Flexible microcircuits for ultrasonic medical devices
  15. Flexible microcircuits for implantable medical devices
  16. Flexible microcircuits for neuronal electrodes stimulation
  17. Flexible microcircuits for cortex electrodes stimulation
  18. Flexible microcircuits for opto-electronics stimulation (optogenetics)
  19. Flexible microcircuits and camera on glasses (smart neuromorphic)
  20. Flexible microcircuits for Bio-sensing signal processing applications
  21. Microcircuits on glass for multi wells arrays and bioassays
  22. Microcircuits on glass for multi wells plate cells cultures assays
  23. Microcircuits plate for high density multi electrodes array
  24. Microcircuits on glass, ceramics, and flexible polyimide for bio-chemical sensors
  25. Microcircuits for multi electrode array electrophysiological analysis
  26. Flexible microcircuits for wearable medical devices
  27. Flexible microcircuits for blood pressure, force, flow, oxygen, temperature sensing for medical devices and sensors
  28. Flexible microcircuits for headband for epileptic neurosensory
  29. Flexible microcircuits for electrocorticography arrays
  30. Flexible microcircuits for skin cell cancer treatment (Dermo-oncology)


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