Our ultra-thin flexible microcircuit technology provides unlimited designs and production possibilities, with high miniaturizing complex and ultra-compact which highly in demand in different high technological applications seeking for miniaturization.

We are active in the field of flexible thin film technology on Polyimide and Thin & Thick film on Ceramics and Glass based materials for all kind customized designs to development and manufacturing ultra-thin flexible microcircuits.

Our technology is a highly flexible microcircuits technology with ultra finely patternable interconnects with a pitch of 10 microns. In addition to standard products, this interconnects reduced by a factor of 10, resulting in corresponding savings resulting surface to 16 times more smaller comparing to other FPC technology.

We design and produce customized circuits with a wide choice of materials up to 5 layers including conductive layers in submicron levels (40nm to 12µm thickness) with high densities interconnection and a total thickness less than 60µm with high innovative thin film circuit technology.

Strong demand in medical ultra long flexible microcircuits and interconnection with highly miniaturized thinner, multilayer and lighter devices where the current printed technology is struggling and limited, our flexible microcircuits technology offers great advantages like imaging catheter diagnostics devices, endoscopes and ablation catheters with long multilayer flexible cables integrated with active components solutions.